2025 NABIP Medicare Certification

Want to get a jump-start on your annual Medicare training? The new NABIP Medicare certification for insurance agents opened June 20, 2024!

NABIP, or the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals, is the professional organization that represents “those who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.” Formerly, NABIP was known as NAHU, or the National Association of Health Underwriters.

NABIP continues to offer their Medicare certification as part of their dedication to training health insurance agents to be knowledgeable and compliant professionals. Their training and professional development resources are great for agents looking to further their careers.

Info on 2025 NABIP MA Certification

NABIP offers the Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Compliance Requirements Certification for agents looking to complete their annual Medicare and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) training required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The NABIP Medicare Advantage (MA) certification is an alternative to the AHIP Medicare certification.

Agents do not have to be a member of NABIP to take the training and certification test, but members of the organization are able to access additional resources.

NABIP 2025 Medicare, MA, and Compliance Requirements certification training opened on June 20, 2024. Agents can complete this training through the NABIP Online Learning Institute for $100.

Currently, 48 carriers are accepting NABIP Medicare certification for 2025.

The training course typically counts for eight continuing education (CE) credits in all 50 states.


NABIP has a growing catalog of carriers that accept their Medicare certification. Be aware that not every carrier accepts the NABIP Medicare certification.

We recommend that you check if your carrier(s) accept this training. Once you receive your certification of completion, upload it to all your contracted carriers.

Why Choose NABIP vs. AHIP Certification?

Although NABIP’s training is not as widely accepted by carriers, it could be more affordable. It also offers CE credits at no additional cost and is easily accessible through their online platform. Read our NABIP Medicare certification FAQ post to decide if this is the right certification for you.

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Interested in taking the 2025 NABIP certification? Visit the NABIP Online Learning Institute.

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